• My purpose of life is to create the mental health awareness and to help the people. Issues that I care about the most is mental health because this is serious matter that should not be ignored and people ignore it very easily and suicide rate in the world has been increased so much because nobody understand the depressed person, instead of helping, people start avoiding you because of your depression. So always guide them and show positivity instead of letting them down.
  • Almost 800, 000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds. Suicide is a global phenomenon and occurs throughout the lifespan.
  • The ongoing corona virus lockdown is having an impact on everyone’s mental health. So we should reach out to people and care loved ones.
  • Lockdown time is a challenge for everyone and especially for those suffering from mental health issues are more vulnerable.
  • How can we best serve others?
  • By Providing emotional support We can play an important role in helping someone who’s not feeling well and feel less alone and by Help, encourage, hope. We can provide serve others.
  • By creating the mental health awareness
  • Staying positive: When you start to feel overwhelmed with negative thoughts, force yourself to focus on positive things.

Physical activity/Exercise help ease depression and anxiety by Releasing feel-good endorphins, natural cannabis-like brain chemicals, I myself found a change in me when I started working out at home, in hard times you feel relaxed by workout, you start feeling healthy physically and mentally.

Helping others people

Helping others may just be the secret to living a life that is not only happier but also healthier, wealthier, more productive, and meaningful because in bad days if you don’t feel good about yourself but helping someone can make you feel good.

Eating a healthy diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables and limits highly processed foods, can help reduce symptoms of depression. Poor diet can increase inflammation, and this can be one risk factor for depression. So always try to eat healthy because 70–80% 9f your diet matters and it plays a big role in your health, and when I worked on obesity I made the data of normal, overweight and obese subjects and it also showed the level of anxiety in overweight and obese people.

Sleep and mental health are closely connected. Sleep deprivation affects your psychological state and mental health. And those with mental health problems are more likely to have insomnia or other sleep disorders.

Always talk and provide emotional support

Provide emotional support. And check up on your friends and Talk about your feelings. Hiding your feelings makes you more depressed. Due to fear of being judged people don’t talk and suffer silently and it leads to suicidal thoughts so don’t judge quickly.

How can I start?

I can start by Coordinating the mental health screening event. Promoting an event or asking that mental health screening be part of a community health fair can encourage people to take action regarding their mental health.

By Recognizing the national mental health awareness events.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be great forums for inspiring people to be open-minded and inquisitive when it comes to mental illness.

Encourage physical health that supports mental health Help people understand that physical health can have a direct impact on mental health. Eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise and sleep all play a part in a person’s mental and emotional state.



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