Visualization of My Experience of Journey with Amal Academy

The three months were a lot of good experiences and learnings. During lockdown I wanted to do something productive and I was so confused what to do. So I got to know about the Amal fellowship then I decided to apply for this. I thought that it would be an opportunity for me to develop and polish my skills. And now I have realized I made one of the great decision. I learned a lot during Amal journey. A lot of things were new for me which I never heard before. And it is difficult to come up with a single most important lessons as I learned life long lessons.

First time Amal fellowship gave me a chance to express my thoughts and story through connecting dots activity because rarely people listen to your ups and downs of life, the challenges and struggles you face.

I was the kind of person who tried to hide her feeling due to fear of being judged or people less ability to listen. But Amal fellowship helped me to be more expressive. And best thing was group activities, Feedback from Ma’am Naqsh and Ma’am Aleena that helped me to improve myself. And my one of the favourite part was writing a gratitude letter to mother and I also made a card for myself.

Another important part that I want to share in this journey was five Amal values which include humility, acceptance, growth, Honesty and responsibilty.

The last month of the fellowship was not easy for me to manage everything including hectic research days but I continued the fellowship Even I always become curious about what we are going to learn in the course and session. Because of this spirit, I continued the fellowship and attended all the session where I always learned new things in every session. In last month of fellowship we were supposed to do a mega project and there were different ideas which were not working so finally I came up with this idea of recycling so it worked. The memorable part was making a flower and bin from plastic as it was our mega project on plastic recycling.

I transformed myself into the better version by learning the aspects of time management, Teamwork, Leadership, problem solving, Goal setting, Productivity, empathy, positivity, growth mindset and gratitude.

I admire all the values and principles of Amal and applied them in everyday life. Smile is very important that radiate positivity and I am learning to adapt this feature.

Amal is the great place for professional growth as it covers all the aspects of getting a job and learning soft skills. Whether making a resume, a cover letter, making videos that boost communication and confidence through networking and mock interviews.

I would like to conclude my blog by saying Thank you to the facilitators and fellows for being amazing, Helpful and amazing in this journey. I want to say thanks to Mam aleena and Ma naqsh for such a great feedback and group members as well as batch member. I found great people. Everybody have been helping and kind. I will remember this beautiful journey❤️